Essie Leggy Legend and Essie Frock n Roll Fall 2015 Collection Nail Polishes

Nails of the Day (NOTD) // Essie Leggy Legend (Bronze) and Frock ‘n Roll (Black)

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since my last nails of the day post, hasn’t it?  I was doing them once a week up until recently!  I haven’t been too well and have been concentrating on hospital appointments etc, so my nails have gone a bit by the wayside (ie chipped or plain!)

Since I hadn’t worn any polish for a little bit, I decided to come back with a bang and choose two strong colours.  They might seem a strange choice for Spring, but here in the UK it’s still really cold and we’re even having the odd bit of snow, so my bright varnishes are on hold until it warms back up!

Essie Leggy Legend and Essie Frock n Roll Fall 2015 Collection Nail Polishes

Essie – Leggy Legend and Frock ‘n Roll

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Primark Nail Polish and Essence On Air gold glitter nail polish!

Nails of the Day (NOTD) // Taupe and Gold // Primark & Essence On Air!

Hey guys

It’s been two weeks since my last nails of the day post, so I’m back with your next nail fix!  It’s not quite time for Spring bright colours yet, but I’m getting a little bit bored of the winter berries and dark tones now. So I went for something in between – toned down, but lighter.  I chose this combination of taupe and gold sparkles!

Primark Nail Polish and Essence On Air gold glitter nail polish

Primark Nail Polish and Essence On Air gold glitter nail polish!


Annoyingly, I can’t tell you what the Primark nail polish is called as it never came with a name on it.  I don’t know whether this is intentional as they don’t name them, or whether it should have had a label or something.  However!  It’s a lovely minky-taupe colour with really subtle, fine gold glitter running through it.

Essence On Air! Gold Glitter

Essence On Air! Gold Glitter


I chose Essence On Air! for the accent nail, as that is a really opaque, glitter-packed polish so it goes well with the fine glitter in the Primark varnish.  The Essence polish you can see here is just one coat on the accent nail – I love it as it’s so densely packed.  I hate glitter that’s really spaced out and you have to layer loads on to get it to show!

NOTD - Primark Nail Polish and Essence On Air gold glitter nail polish!

NOTD – Primark Nail Polish and Essence On Air gold glitter nail polish!


The Primark nail polish is pretty good quality for just £1, it lasts about 3 days before it starts to chip (this is with one coat of Revlon Diamond Top Coat over it).  The Essence polish is also great quality for less than £2!

What do you think of this combo?

Purple Ombre Nails

Nails of the Day (NOTD) // Purple Ombre // Lottie London and Tanya Burr!

Happy hump-day guys!  (that’s a Wednesday just to clarify… I once said it to my mum and she was like ‘what?!!’)

I’ve got another nails of the day post for you.  I thought I’d try something a bit different, so I had a bash at doing ombre nails.  They didn’t turn out how I imagined – I was hoping for something a bit neater and more seamless, but I decided to embrace them and pretend I was going for the messy effect!

Purple Ombre Nails

Purple Ombre Nails

I used my usual Nails Inc Kensington Base Coat, which seems to really extend the life of my nail varnish, compared with using most other base coats.  I then painted one layer of the palest purple shade, Lottie London ‘Blogger Babe’, over my entire nails (you can see that colour properly in this post).

Next, I added a slightly darker purple shade, which was Lottie London ‘Go On’ (which you can see properly on my nails here).  Instead of applying this straight to my nails, I dabbed a small amount on a little nail sponge and dabbed it on (with the intention of giving it a more blurred, seamless edge into the next colour… which didn’t quite go to plan!)  I took the mid-purple shade around half way down each nail.

Lottie London Go On Tanya Burr Midnight Sparkles Lottie London Blogger Babe  Purple Ombre Nails

Finally, I took my darkest shade of purple – Tanya Burr’s Midnight Sparkles (which you can see properly on my nails here – it’s the dark base shade, just with glitter applied over it).  I repeated the last step of adding some to a nail sponge and then dabbing it onto the tips of my nails.  I decided to have the darkest shade on the tips as the Tanya Burr polish lasts really well whereas the Lottie London are gorgeous shades but chip really easily.  This way my tips are a bit less likely to chip within a day!

I waited for the colours to touch-dry and then added a coat of Essence Satin Matt Top Coat – it’s quite opaque in the bottle so I thought it might put a slight veil over the whole nail and make the joins between each shade a bit more seamless looking.  Good idea in theory but it didn’t come out opaque on the nails at all, it just left a matte finish.  I took this photo below with the matte finish but decided I’d prefer them glossy so I added a final slick of Revlon Diamond Top Coat.

Purple Ombre Nails of the Day

With Matte Top Coat

If I did ombre nails again I would probably try to get hold of a smaller, more precise sponge as I was using quite a big, octagonal one, which made it a bit difficult!

What do you think of the ombre nail effect?  Is it something you’ve tried, or would try?  Let me know in the comments!


Nails of the day (NOTD) // Barry M Peach For The Stars and Gold Chunky Glitter!

Hey guys

It’s ‘nails of the day Monday’ again!  I don’t plan to post this every Monday, I must just average out doing my nails once a week, haha.

Although it’s still cold and wet outside, I fancied something a bit brighter and more spring-like this week.  I’ve worn a lot of deeper, darker colours recently but I can’t suppress the pinky/peach lover in me any longer!

Barry M Sunset Nails in Peach for the Stars swatches

Barry M Sunset Nails in Peach for the Stars

For this week’s nails, I have used Barry M Sunset Nails in the shade Peach for the Stars.  If you don’t already know, the Sunset Nails range is one which requires a special top-coat and then is meant to ‘cure’ in natural light.  The idea is that they’re a bit like gel nails, but without the UV lamp!  I reviewed the range and their actual performance here a while back so feel free to take a look, as I’ve reviewed longevity etc in more detail there.

Barry M Sunset Nails in Peach for the Stars swatched on nails

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Top Coat, Barry M Sunset Nails in Peach for the Stars and Chunky Gold Glitter Manicure

I used a Nails Inc base coat – now in theory you’re not meant to use a base coat.  They say the Sunset Nails work better straight onto the nails, but I find that they stain if I do that so I’d rather sacrifice longevity and not have stained nails in this case.  You can see how long this polish lasted in this post, from a previous NOTD!

I then applied just one coat of Peach for the Stars (I was in a bit of a rush, but it’s also pretty creamy and opaque so one coat looks fine).  On the ring fingers, I tapped some chunky gold glitter over the tacky (still slightly wet) polish.  I then sealed it all in with the Sunset Nails topcoat.  You are advised to use the Barry M Sunset Nails topcoat for the curing to work effectively.

I really like the combination of peach and gold, and it’s definitely something I’ll do again.  I think it’ll look lovely during the summer too!

What do you think of this combo?  Have you tried the Sunset range, or any home-curing nail polishes?  Let me know in the comments!


Nails of the Day // NOTD // Orly Rose Chrome and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy!

Happy Monday guys!  I hope you had a good weekend.

I’m back with my ‘becoming-a-tradition’ Monday nails of the day post!  I actually can’t for the life of me remember how, when or where I got this bottle of Ciate caviar pearls but I spotted them the other day and thought it was time I experimented with them.  They must have been a gift from a friend.  I remember reading that they don’t last on the nails very long, so I thought I’d just use them on my ring fingers.

Orly Rose Chrome Foil Nail Varnish and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy

Orly Rose Chrome Foil & Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy

I teamed the caviar pearls with one of my absolute favourite nail polishes – this rose gold beauty is Orly Color Blast in Rose Chrome Foil.  Isn’t it pretty??

Orly Rose Chrome Foil and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy Orly Rose Chrome Foil and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy








I used two coats of the Orly (it’s so opaque that you can actually get away with one, but it’s nicer with two).  I topped it all with Revlon Diamond Top Coat, and applied the caviar pearls to the ring fingers whilst it was still wet.  As the top coat is all that sticks the pearls on, you have to be quite generous with it and apply them straight away before it dries.

The easiest way to use these is to hold your nails over a tray or container and just tip them straight over the wet nail.  Then you can just make a funnel out of a little piece of paper to pour the unused pearls back into the bottle.  One thing to remember is that they advise not to apply a top coat over them, as it breaks the pearls down a bit and the colours all merge together.

At the time of writing this post, I’m on day 2 of these nails and the pearls are actually all still attached, but I haven’t washed my hair yet and I hear that can knock a few off!

You can find the Orly here.  Unfortunately I can’t find Ciate Ring a Rosy anywhere to link for you, but there seem to be a few around on Ebay.  There are some other colours that are easier to get hold of though.

What do you think of these nails?  Have you ever tried caviar pearls?  Let me know in the comments!

Nails of the Day (NOTD) // OPI – I Sing In Color and Essence On Air!

Hey guys

Back with my accidental tradition of posting a Nails of the Day post on a Monday!

OPI I Sing in Color and Essence On Air Fall Nails

This week it’s a nice autumn/winter combination of deep red and gold, and I’m really liking it!  The only downside is that the super dark red shows chips pretty easily.

OPI I Sing in Color and Essence On Air Autumn Nails

I’ve had OPI’s I Sing in Color for quite a while but have only ever worn it on my toenails so far.  I have a tendency to go dark on my toenails and keep more durable colours on my fingernails, so that chips don’t show up too quickly!  It’s a gorgeous colour for this time on year.  Without seeing them close up, it almost shows up as a black, but there’s a definite deep red tint under light.

What I didn’t realise until now was apparently I Sing in Color was a collaboration between OPI and Gwen Stefani!  The name makes much more sense now (not that any of their polish names make much sense, haha).

OPI I Sing in Color and Essence On Air Fall Nails

I like to do an accent nail more often than not (or as I always think of it in my head, a ‘feature nail’… I think I’m thinking of walls!)  I chose to do a gold sparkly one, partly because I wanted to try this polish for the first time and partly because I think the colours go really nicely together.  Another great, cheap nail polish from Essence!  This one is in ‘The Gel’ formula but just looks like normal to me.

What do you think of this colour combo?  Have you tried OPI or Essence nail polishes?  Let me know in the comments!