HD Brows Before and After Picture

HD Brows Training Academy Leeds – Launch!


Hey guys

I was very kindly invited along to the launch of the Leeds HD Brows Academy a couple of weeks ago!  Although I’ve never actually had a HD Brow treatment before, I’ve of course heard of them.  I wanted to tell you guys all about this sooner, but I’ve been too poorly to write until now.

HD Brows Training Academy Launch Leeds

HD Brows Training Academy – Leeds

The academy is nestled down next to the river in Leeds City Centre, just over the bank from The Royal Armouries.  Surrounded by apartments, you wouldn’t know it was there unless you were following directions (even by satnav was stumped haha)!  Once inside, I was struck by how large, open plan and striking it was.  Everything was monochrome, bright and airy, and it gave a really smart impression.  Great for taking photos too!

Aspiring HD Brow technicians will come to this new Academy to be trained by Elite Trainers, like the one who did my brow-makeover.  HD Brows is a huge name in the beauty treatment world – by attending their two day training courses, brow technicians can then master the techniques and then freelance under the HD Brows name in their chosen location (within salons, at home, mobile etc).

HD Brows Training Academy Launch Leeds

HD Brows Training Academy – Leeds

HD Brows aim to use waxing, threading, plucking and professional makeup techniques to give your brows a total makeover.  I can definitely say, the treatment is really thorough and the fact that they use so many different techniques means you get such a perfect end result.  Waxing isn’t always precise enough and plucking not as long lasting, so combining those with threading too gives a precise result.

All the brow technicians and other staff I met at the academy were so friendly, answering my endless questions and making sure we were full of bucks fizz and muffins!  It was a really nice environment – I only wish you could go there to actually have your brows done.  Hopefully in the future, a franchiser will set up a HD Brows salon that’s just as friendly and talented!

I was given a thorough consultation, with the girl making sure she knew how I wanted my brows to look, what shape I liked and what brow products I preferred to use.  She checked I was happy at each step, so I didn’t end up with something I was unhappy with.  I felt in very safe hands!  The treatment itself took around 15 minutes, although would probably have been even quicker if it wasn’t for me asking lots of questions.  I was so happy with how my brows came out – she got my arch back for me!  I need to work on growing some thickness back in the middle of one brow, so I’ve been forbidden from plucking that bit.

HD Brows Before and After Picture

My brows before and after the HD Brows treatment!

After the treatment, I was asked whether I wanted a makeup touch-up.  As the treatment is very hands on, I did need my eye makeup tidying up, and also appreciated the offer of the redness being covered up, so I looked less silly on my way home haha!  The makeup artist, Rachael Keeley, told me all about their products, asked what I wanted to try and did a really lovely job of sorting my makeup out – no redness in sight and the eyes were lovely.

HD Brows Training Academy Launch Leeds HD Brows Makeup Artist

One thing that surprised me is how many makeup products HD Brows do!  I obviously knew they did brow products, and I had also received one of their bronzers in my beauty advent calendar, but I had no idea they did a full range – foundations, highlighter, lipglosses and even eyeshadow palettes!  I fell in love with the shadows the makeup artist used on my eyes, and they very kindly offered to send me the palette in the post – it is called Vamp and I’ll make sure to share it with you when it arrives!

We were very kindly given a goodie bag to take home, which included a Brow Define pencil (sadly the wrong shade for me), an SOS Balm to ease any soreness after the treatment and beautiful Illuminator.  I’ve used the illuminator quite a few times already and it’s gorgeous – like a really soft, diffused highlighter which is great for my pale skin.  I’m really impressed and can’t wait to try more of their makeup in the future!

I really enjoyed seeing the new Training Academy and meeting all the lovely staff and trainers – if you’re reading guys, thanks for having me!  If this has inspired you to try the HD Brows treatment, find your local salon here.


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